A germanium-voiced fuzz pedal with two distinct modes.

New York, NY (July 26, 2016) -- Guitar legend Kirk Hammett’s KHDK Electronics is proud to unveil their latest guitar pedal, the Scuzz Box, an innovative fuzz pedal. Available for pre-order through select dealers, the Scuzz Box is KHDK’s germanium-voiced fuzz pedal, designed as a unique, truly musical fuzz. The Scuzz Box was named by Hammett himself due to the dirty, skuzzy vibe it emits. The pedal is housed in an acid-yellow and purple enclosure, and, characteristically for KHDK, it seeks to disrupt a standard notion of what a fuzz pedal should sound like. The pedal features two distinct modes: Scuzz and Fuzz. The Fuzz mode is a melodic, richly fuzzy go-to mode to play a whole show with a highly usable, top-notch crunchy fuzz. The Scuzz mode delivers a dangerous, Velcro-type grating fuzz with a highly-distinct ripping texture and a buzzy tone.

Of the Scuzz Box, Eagles Of Death Metal’s Dave Catching commented, “Most fuzz pedals I’ve tried sound cool on high notes, but once you get into a rhythm you can’t tell the notes apart any more…it’s just a wash of fuzz. The Scuzz Box doesn’t mute any notes and maintains clarity.” KHDK’s David Karon added, “We created the Scuzz Box to shine through in the mix; it can be used for soloing and long, wailing tones and its clarity is even perfect for power chords.”

Watch the company's video demo:

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