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Knaggs Guitars Introduces New Tremolo System

Knaggs Guitars Introduces New Tremolo System

The Choptank models will have the option for a proprietary tremolo system.

Greensboro, MD (April 10, 2014) -- Knaggs Guitars, a Maryland-based boutique maker of high-end, investment grade stringed musical instruments has added a Tremolo option to their Choptank models.

In response to players who prefer the tonal flexibility of a Tremolo system, the Choptank Trem features the company’s proprietary solid steel bridge plate and Hinge Tremolo, driving increased string vibration into the center of the body thus enhancing harmonics, response and sustain only the player can feel. This Tremolo is now exclusively available for all Choptank and Severn models.

Joe Knaggs has come up with a method to split guitar tops on solid body electrics into sections by inserting channels, dividing tops and allowing these to be stained in different finishes and color schemes leading to stunning effects. Customers are now able to choose their favorite color combinations within one instrument.

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