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Knaggs Guitars Introduces the Severn X

Knaggs Guitars Introduces the Severn X

Based on their successful Severn model, Knaggs Guitars announced the addition of the Severn X.

Greensboro, MD (October 6, 2016) -- The Severn X maintains the now classic body shape of Knaggs Guitars’ original Severn, looking to both past and future to create an elegant machine with unparalleled playability and comfort. Meant for the most demanding players, the 25.5’’ scale Severn X is available in all three tiers and pickup combinations, and sports many new features.

  • 14 inch radius (original Severn has an 8.5" radius)
  • EVO Jumbo fret wire
  • 1.656’’ nut for a modern feel
  • MGT locking Gotoh tuners
  • Super switch wiring for enhanced pickup selections Slimmer neck design

Joe Knaggs said: “In response to players’ demands, the increased popularity of shred, fusion, and other technically demanding styles, and the resurgence of “Super” style guitars, we’re doing a fresh take on our original model. In the Severn X, we’ve combined our passion for perfection and high quality production with the most advanced tech available.”

Street prices start at $3,456 (Tier 3) - $4,300 (Tier 2) - $5,760 (Tier 1) with Knaggs hard shell case.

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