L0/Rez Pedals Announces the Mona Lisa Overdrive & Oscillation

A sizzly, harmonic overdrive paired with a spaced-out rotary effect.

Brooklyn, NY (November 3, 2015) -- Rising Brooklyn-based pedal effects company, L0/rez,has finished its first dirty masterpiece - Ladies and gentlemen: The Mona Lisa Overdrive & Oscillation Pedal.

L0/rez Founder and Engineer, Jared Hiller, sat upon a Brooklyn stoop one evening and wondered: Why, in a world of classic pairings-bacon and eggs, whiskey and coke, Milli and Vanilli­ isn't there a sizzly, harmonic overdrive paired with a spaced-out rotary effect contained within a single, glorious pedal? And so, from that day forth, he dutifully set out to fulfill the task laid out before him. Some call it destiny, but we call it: The Mona Lisa Overdrive. It's dirty and it whirls. It's like stepping onto a merry-go-round with a diesel engine. On peyote. Dirty peyote.


  • True Bypass
  • Handmade
  • Unique and powerful distortion/overdrive
  • Oscillating tremolo effect with adjustable rate
  • Can be utilized as an oscillating sound-generating noise toy

$200 street

For more information:

A maze of modulation and reverberations leads down many colorful tone vortices.

Deep clanging reverb tones. Unexpected reverb/modulation combinations.

Steep learning curve for a superficially simple pedal.


SolidGoldFX Ether


A lot of cruel fates can befall a gig. But unless you’re a complete pedal addict or live in high-gain-only realms, doing a gig with just a reverb- and tremolo-equipped amp is not one of them. Usually a nice splash of reverb makes the lamest tone pretty okay. Add a little tremolo on top and you have to work to not be at least a little funky, surfy, or spacy. You see, reverb and modulation go together like beans and rice. That truth, it seems, extends even to maximalist expressions of that formula—like the SolidGold FX Ether.

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