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Lace Music Announces Finger Burner Humbucker Pickups

Lace Music Announces Finger Burner Humbucker Pickups

Lace Music releases another set of metal-inspired humbuckers.

Cypress, CA (June 16, 2013) -- Lace Music Products formally releases another new edition of metal inspired humbuckers for 2013, the “Finger Burners”. These new humbuckers for both neck and bridge position run the sonic gauntlet from metal, hard rock, classic rock and punk.

Finger Burners, are loud and specific with an old school grit, and endless low end punch. With always a punchy, clean top end, the Finger Burners are passive in allowing top end in either full dual coil mode or in single ultra quiet single mode.

Designed for maximum output and dynamic range Finger Burners™ offer the player increased harmonic content with dynamic articulation.

These ultra quiet passive pickups are equipped with a magnetic blend of Ceramic 8 magnets and Barium Ferrite magnets. Finger Burners™ require no batteries or active electronics for their high output tone footprint.

Unique to the Finger Burners is Lace’s new Burnt Chrome finished covers. After a finish of chrome over heavy brass covers it is followed by a hand flame torched process. The result is the look of burnt chrome as seen on a motorcycle exhaust pipe. This new finish process adds attitude and distinction to the Finger Burner™ goal of setting the pace of tone in any situation.

No two Burnt Chrome covers are the same as are no two guitar players.

Also available in standard black matte finish non metallic cover.

Neck: Resistance; 9.5 Ω, Peak Frequency; 2910 Hz, Inductance 4.6 henries
Bridge: Resistance 11.3 Ω, Peak Frequency; 2540 Hz, Inductance 5.2 henries

MSRP: $139.99 each / Set: $249.99

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