Larry Alan Guitars Introduces the Phoenix Fire Pedal

The pedal is designed to have fiery, thick, saturated overdrive for singing sustain and tone.

Lansing, MI (Nov. 28, 2011) -- Larry Alan Guitars has announced their latest pedal, the Phoenix Fire. The pedal is designed to offer fiery, thick, saturated overdrive for singing sustain and tone, great for an authoritative rhythm or soaring lead sound.

In addition to the typical Drive, Tone, and Level controls there are two pushbuttons for further tone tailoring. The Asym. switch engages a germanium diode in the clipping stage, altering the character of the overdriven signal to a sweeter asymmetrical sound. The Bass switch extends the low end response for a thick, full drive. In addition to the Effect bypass, the Phoenix Fire has a second Boost footswitch. Boost increases the gain of the pedal and reduces some of the low end.

Hand made in the USA featuring true bypass switching and the highest quality components. The Phoenix Fire is now available for the price of $200.

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