The EPSi uses an SD card slot to recall impulse responses and ships with 114 sounds.

Columbia, MO (January 15, 2014) -- The EPSi crams the accuracy and flexibility of convolution reverb into an affordable and space conscious stompbox. Once reserved to the high end studio environment and more recently to CPU-hungry native processing, the excellent sounds of convolution reverb now come to the performing musician’s pedal board in a rugged pedal.

The EPSi uses an SD card slot to recall impulse responses and ships with an SD card pre-loaded with 114 sounds. More sounds can be easily added.


  • Large 6 second convolution window allows for anything but infinite sounds
  • Ultra realistic spring reverb, plate reverb and acoustic space sounds
  • Never-heard-before special FX sounds
  • Switchable zero latency analog dry path with high impendence input
  • Settable all-important decay time and wet level
  • Supports impulse responses in standard WAV format for easy expansion

At a suggested retail price of $299.95, the EPSi can be purchased now from at an introductory price of $199.95.

Watch the company's video demo:

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