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LunaStone Releases the TrueOverDrive 1

LunaStone Releases the TrueOverDrive 1

The TOD1 sets out to serve up overdrive that doesn't just sound like tubes, but also behaves like tubes.

Copenhagen, Denmark (January 17, 2017) -- Danish guitar-pedal company LunaStone is proud to introduce a new guitar pedal at NAMM 2017. LunaStone’s TrueOverDrive concept is not tied in with a single pedal and guitar players have praised the company’s original TrueOverDrive pedals for years.

Now this sought-after tonal character can be found in the new TrueOverDrive 1 pedal.

It is said that true love is rare, but so is true overdrive that doesn't just sound like tubes, but also behaves like tubes. Based on a cascaded gain stage approach, TrueOverDrive 1 does exactly that, building on the backbone of the company’s most popular drive, Big Fella.

Add to that a smaller footprint and a minimalistic Scandinavian design that also serves a more practical purpose.

Foot-On Overdrive

The knobs are not only placed diagonally because it looks nice. It also allows for quick tweaking mid-song. With the volume and drive knobs accessible by the edges, they can be tweaked on the fly with the foot. No more kneeling down, letting go of the strings, abandoning the groove and loosing the momentum.

LunaStone founder and head engineer, Steen Grøntved, comments:

"It was paramount to me to preserve the fundamental nature of the TrueOverDrive character in this new pedal, and I am very pleased with the result. TOD1 is characterized by extreme transparency even at high-gain settings—something you would normally only be able to achieve with good old tube amps driven hard and not from a drive pedal. The characteristics of your beloved guitars, pickup settings, and amplifiers stay intact and will not get smudged by oversaturation when you increase the gain/drive amount on the pedal. Also, turning down the volume knob on your guitar will clean up your sound steplessly, thanks to the TrueOverDrive technology based on cascaded gain stages. I truly believe that TOD1 will grow with you and be your ‘always-on-the-board’ pedal. Your one true drive love.”

Price: $149 MAP

Availability: February 2017

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