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LunaStone Unveils the Pusher Boost Pedal

LunaStone Unveils the Pusher Boost Pedal

A new boost that packs up to 15 dB of power.

Copenhagen, Denmark (October 11, 2016) -- Danish guitar pedal brand, LunaStone, is mainly known for its range of tube-like TrueOverDrive pedals. Now, the company adds a non-drive pedal to the product line: The Pusher.

A booster that will take guitars from soft to loud, or from loud to even louder – yet clean and with a natural and musical flavor. It is also perfect for pushing a tube amp into true saturation bliss, taking roaring overdrive to screaming overdrive.

LunaStone founder and head engineer, Steen Grøntved, comments: “I am extremely excited about this tiny pedal that makes a much bigger difference than the physical size indicates. While clean boosting may be a simple concept to grasp, high-quality boosting of an analog signal is not just about notching everything up a few decibels. That’s easy."

"But just like I spent countless hours on testing analog components to develop our TrueOverDrive circuit, The Pusher builds on methodical testing and listening sessions to find the best possible ingredients that make up this highly intoxicating tone."

The Pusher offers 15 dB of clean boost, has a true bypass design and is scheduled to ship October 2016.

€99 ERP - £85 ERP - US$99 MAP

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