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Mad Hatter Guitar Products Expands Transformer Series With the SVST-2/2

Designed for T-style guitars, the wiring system aims to add brightness, twang, and clarity.

Scottsdale, AZ (August 3, 2018) -- Mad Hatter Guitar Products is excited to announce the Terminator SVST- 2/2 system as the newest addition to their Terminator product line.

Next in the evolution of the Transformer Series line up of Terminator Systems, the Terminator SVST- 2/2 system is designed specifically for Tele-style guitars that have a 3-way switch, a single volume, tone control, and two single-coil pickups.

Like other Terminator systems in the Transformer Series, the Terminator SVST- 2/2 System incorporates a push/pull tone pot that transforms the guitar from its normal expected operation to another level with additional tonal options.

When engaging the 2/2 P/P tone pot the Goes to Eleven Volume Pot changes from 250k to 500k for a little extra brightness and twang. In addition, position 3 is now both pickups wired in series for those thick full notes. And at the 500k value the notes are clearer and not muddy.

Like all Terminator systems the Terminator SVST- 2/2 system includes all the components needed to bring the best out of your guitar, including a Switchcraft output jack, easy to read instructions, and world class customer support.

Terminator SVST- 2/2 systems start at just $89.99.

Watch the company's video demo:

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