The Guitar Center exclusive pedal features cello-like singing overdrive combined with the most luscious open ambient tape delay

Finland (June 15, 2012) – Mad Professor, the Finland based Boutique pedal effects manufacturer, in partnership with Guitar Center’s Director of Merchandise, Barry Mitchell, announce the new co-developed Golden Cello pedal available exclusively at Guitar Center stores, Guitar Center online and Musicians Friend online.

The new Mad Professor Golden Cello pedal delivers one of the most sought after lead tones on the planet. Sweet, cello-like singing overdrive combined with the most luscious open ambient tape delay all packed into one small Gold box. Retail price $199.99.

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  • Develop a sense of how to substitute open strings for fretted notes.
  • Create a cascading effect by playing as legato as possible.
  • Understand how open strings fit into many different keys.
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Most guitarists learn the basic scales, patterns, and lines up and down the neck when starting to visualize the fretboard. Working open strings into the mix made my head spin and forced me think of note selection differently. It taught me how to manipulate lines that I’d played for years and breathed new life into those lines simply by adding one key element.
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