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MI Amplification Announces New Amp Combos

MI Amplification Announces New Amp Combos

Sydney, Australia (January 14, 2012) – MI Amplification are announcing the release of four new unique combo designs as “Vintage Reimagined”. These combos are the brainchild of chief designer

Sydney, Australia (January 14, 2012) – MI Amplification are announcing the release of four new unique combo designs as “Vintage Reimagined”. These combos are the brainchild of chief designer and director of MI Audio, Michael Ibrahim and focus on giving four classic amplifier designs a 21st Century twist.

The Apache is a 30W combo designed with a nod to the classic 60’s, jangly sound made famous by the British rock ‘n’ roll invasion. Covered in wine-red tolex and black/silver grill cloth, the cabinet oozes a charm and style that will stand out on any stage! A quartet of EL84 power tubes gives two channels of chiming cleans and treble- boosted overdrive. Each channel has two spring-reverb controls (LEVEL and TONE) and an independent CUT control for a variety of tones from splashy 60’s surf to stadium-rock crunch! The novel power-amp and power- supply design has three different bias settings assignable to each channel, a valve rectifier and dual HIGH and LOW inputs - providing the ultimate in matching both power and feel between the classic clean to raucous drive, and everything in between.

This single channel, quad 6V6, 30-watt amp is the ultimate tribute to the classic Fullerton tones of the 50’s and 60’s. Three modes (CLASSIC CLEAN, FAT BOOST and TONE STACK BYPASS), a world-first phase-inverter design giving either a Tweed-era cathodyne or Blackface-era long-tail phase-inverter, and three power-amp modes (fixed-bias and two cathode-bias) provides one of the most impressive and flexible clean tones ever. The Aquarius also features the ultimate in spring-reverb and tremolo circuit design that sees four controls for each (reverb; WET, DRY, DRIVE and TONE, tremolo; LEVEL, RATE, SHAPE, DEPTH), REVERB OUT jack, switchable reverb-tails and reverb/tremolo order switch for wet, modulated tones unheard of in an amplifier before now. A HIGH/LOW power switch, PRESENCE control and NEGATIVE FEEDBACK switch allows for the very best in guitar tone – whether at home, recording, or on stage.

Crystal Lattice
The Crystal Lattice is the ultimate boutique amplifier that everyone can afford! The original, modified American design has garnered attention for not only its exorbitant price tag, but from its loyal users in the blues, rock and jazz world. Dual-channels (with boost for each channel) provide the flexibility of a four channel amp with round, blues-y cleans to smooth, harmonic, mid-rich fusion drive to flat-out, rock power – all with a stomp of a switch! Two 5881’s, pushing out 50W, give both grunt and headroom, whilst DEPTH and PRESENCE give complete power- amp tonal control. In the original design, one of the most expansive EQ sections ever designed has always been limited to being shared across both channels. Not on the Crystal Lattice! Each channel and respective boost mode has a volume control and, with some inventive circuitry, allows for the four EQ switches (BRIGHT, MID, DEEP and EQ) to be intelligently shifted for each of the four modes, making the Crystal Lattice one of the most flexible tone machines ever made.

The Duchess
The Duchess is destined to be one serious head-turner! This dual EL-34, 45-watt amp draws inspiration from the British Plexi designs of the 60’s. The VINTAGE clean channel has one input – but with the ability to blend internally-jumpered DARK and BRIGHT channels. Plug in and feel the mojo of one of the nicest cleans around, with top-end extension showing off every nuance of your guitar and playing style. Turn up both dials and there is that classic crunch heard on countless classic rock albums! Painful attention has been made to make this channel every bit as fast, immediate, touch-sensitive and responsive as the most sought-after point-to-point amps. Switch over to the MODERN overdrive channel, and an array of flexible EQ SHIFT and CLIPPING options show off The Duchess’ tough side with all levels of gain and saturation able to be dialed in. A buffered FX LOOP (with SEND and RETURN levels) allow for seamless integration of any kind of effect, or crank the levels and use it to push the power-amp into thick distortion. Whatever era of British rock is your favorite; The Duchess has it in spades.

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