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MidValleyFX Introduces the Lo-Fi Giant Fuzz

An oscillating sub-octave fuzz that features a voltage control.

Albany, OR (August 12, 2019) -- Adding to the company’s line of fuzz effects pedals, Mid Valley Fx has unleashed their Lo-Fi Giant, an all-original, oscillating sub octave fuzz designed to produce everything from crazy oscillating feedback to gating the oscillating feedback or getting low voltage ripping effects for the most saturated fuzz pedals you’ve ever played!

Turn everything up and get a sub octave massive fuzz that almost gets swallowed in a lo-fi oscillating feedback depending on how hard you strum, or turn down the fuzz while keeping the voltage high to gain more clarity and cancel out the feedback. As soon as you start turning down the voltage with the fuzz in the higher settings, be prepared for some sub octave craziness that when turning the guitars volume down produces a really well tracked bass synth tone. Voltage and fuzz work in conjunction with each other to give you a nice variety of sounds. From an over biased fuzz tone to just right or anywhere in between, there’s a lot of tonal variety to help you punch through the mix or sit back in the mix. Tone adds to the clarity depending on where you have the fuzz and voltage knobs set. Tone all the way down adds to the sub octave while turning it up increases the midrange for more punch. With tons of volume on tap, tons of saturated fuzz and the added feature of oscillating fuzz or no feedback at all, Lo- Fi Giant gives you the ultimate heavy fuzz tone.


  • 4 knobs to control Volume, Fuzz, Voltage, and Tone
  • True bypass on/off switch
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input

The Lo- Fi Giant carries a street price of $130 and can be purchased directly from the Mid Valley Fx online store.

Watch the company's video demo:

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