The amp is designed to be a clean slate that can be colored with any combination of tubes.

Germantown, MD (January 2, 2012) -- Milbert Amplifiers has announced they are now shipping production models of the GAGA-90 tube guitar amp. Milbert says that the GAGA, "offers serious advancements in guitar, bass and instrument amplification." The amp is 90 Watts at 12 pounds total weight and features a number of trademarked technologies including Use-Any-Tube Technology, Purest Possible Tube Performance, Blow-Proof Output, Auto-Everything, and Universal Power.

The amp is designed to be a clean slate that can be colored with any combination of tubes. The amp's controls are Headroom, (master) Volume, Treble, Bass, and Gain. Far left switches are (universal) mains power and P3 power; flip and loop switches are above the input jack, far right. GAGA features built-in P3 Technology that can power pedals and active electronics.

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