Mojo Hand FX Releases the 1979 Fuzz

A new take on a notoriously high-gain classic.

Holland, MI (January 27, 2017) -- The 1979 is based on the notoriously high-gain Big Muffs that were manufactured during the late '70s and features op amps instead of the traditional transistors found in every other Big Muff variant. The taper of the original gain pot has been adjusted the to give the 1979 a more usable sweep. The 1979 also features a second footswitch to bypass the tone knob, so you get all the bass, all the treble, and a huge helping of extra mids and volume. Most importantly, the tone bypass has its own volume knob so you can set it to unity or boost.

The sound is more raw and aggressive than a typical BMP. Please do not expect subtlety. This pedal does not “clean up well” with your volume knob. It doesn’t sound pretty. It’s probably not appropriate for waltzes or jazz standards. It’s not supposed to be. It smashes you in the face. Enjoy.

Available for pre-order now. Shipping on 2/22/2017

$179 Retail

For more information:
Mojo Hand FX

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