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Mojotone Announces the 44 Magnum High-Output Humbucker

The company's most aggressive humbucker is aimed at modern-metal jammers.

Burgaw, NC (April 7, 2020) -- Mojotone is excited to announce the release of the company’s most powerful and aggressive passive pickup ever: the all-new 44 Magnum Humbucker.

The 44 Magnum offers a unique combination of finesse and brutality. Utilizing 44-gauge wire and four ceramic magnets, the 44 Magnum delivers tons of gain, articulation, and sustain with no loss of clarity or high-end detail. It’s the dream pickup for "metal" and "progressive modern" guitar players, or anyone who wants more signal hitting the front of their amp.

Powerful and rich mids make harmonics effortless and responsive, much like an active pickup, while low tunings remain clear and defined with plenty of punch and tight attack. Plug ‘em in and you’ll experience smooth and balanced highs, without harsh overtones or loss of dynamics. This high-output pickup also sounds great with coil tapping, and its tapped tone remains strong and full.

Mojotone’s special winding technique allows the frequency response of the pickup to be as broad as possible, resulting in a more open sounding pickup. You could say that they "breathe" allowing more frequencies to come through, unlike typical high output passive humbuckers which usually squash or box-in your tone.

Like all Mojotone Pickups, the 44 Magnum is hand-wound and made in the USA in Burgaw, NC.

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