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Moniker Guitars Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Austin-based Moniker Guitars has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop a line of semi-hollow guitars.

Austin, TX (April 12, 2013) -- In Summer of 2012, Austin-based Moniker Guitars initially started manufacturing their brand of quality, affordable and fully customizable electric guitars to the online marketplace. With response greater than their original projections, the demand for a line of semi-hollow body guitars grew and owners Kevin Tully and Dave Barry decided to crowdsource the expansion to Kickstarter

“As a custom guitar company it’s important to listen to what the customer wants and we’re constantly challenged by their requests,” said Tully. “Being such a young venture, asking our customers to invest in the semi-hollow bodies with us was the only way we saw making them possible.”

From the beginning Moniker has differentiated itself from other custom electric guitar manufacturers by offering a fully interactive website with the ability to customize any element of the guitar, providing a faster turnaround time — about six weeks — compared to the months it typically takes at other shops and keeping the price points affordable. In addition to the partnership they’ve recently created with Seymour Duncan pickups, they’re also one of the first U.S. Companies to utilize Houston-based PPG Envirobase paints — an environmentally safe water-based paint that contains extremely low VOC levels and quick dry time — the same brand adopted by high end car manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Ferrari.

With recent media attention on their Kickstarter from Tech Crunch and an appearance on MSNBC’s Sunday morning program “Your Business,” Moniker hopes to raise their company’s profile and become self-sufficient for future expansion.

“In many ways we run our company like a band,” said Barry. “We are constantly being creative, honing our craft and trying to get in front of as many people as possible; at the moment we may be the opener, but we’re hoping to create something that will eventually land us a headlining gig.”

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