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Mooer Announces the Noise Killer

Mooer Announces the Noise Killer

Like all Mooer pedals, the Audio Killer is true bypass and housed in a small all-metal housing.

Oxnard, CA (December 5, 2013) -- The new Mooer Noise Killer is designed for those rig configurations that buzz or hiss when certain pedals are added in or certain amps are used. It eliminates unwanted noise and feedback without impacting sustain, attack or shortening notes. It has two working modes for hard or soft effect of noise threshold. The threshold itself is easily adjusted from -70db to +10db. And like all Mooer Audio micro pedals it has true bypass and all metal housing.


  • Effective Noise Reduction for noisy effects chains
  • Small size fits in any pedalboard
  • Tough all metal exterior

MSRP: $90

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