South African luthier Murray Kuun has developed the Fab4/1 acoustic hybrid guitar.

Jozi, South Africa (March 15, 2013) -- Each "Fab4/1" slimline body is hewn from a solid slab of 50 mm thick tonewood. The back and soundboard are conventional in that they are glued to the rim separately. The soundboard though, is far from conventional, it has dedicated lattice bracing which allows thinner-than-usual spruce tonewood. Which, in turn, helps to render this instrument very responsive, both acoustically and when amplified for big performances.

Conventional acoustic guitars suffer from sound-harming feedback, this guitar has been designed to eliminate that problem, plus to make a nice small package to transport from venue to venue. It is fitted with a high quality, non-piezo, acoustic pickup and is supplied in a quality gig bag or if the client prefers, a custom made aluminum flight case.

The instrument is finished with a nitro lacquer and hand polished to a fine, antique like, patina. The Fab4 aesthetic though, is far removed from any antique, it features very modern styling and has a most distinctive rosette, including a mini piano, unlike anything found on any conventional run-of-the-mill guitar. Not to mention the unique fret markers.

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Murray Kuun

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