The new version features a redesigned circuit board with full size through-hole components and NOS germanium clipping diodes.

Nashville, TN (May 14, 2018) -- Mythos Pedals has worked with Wildwood Guitars of Louisville, CO to release a special version of our flagship overdrive, the Mjolnir. This new, larger, version features a redesigned circuit board that offers the player the best tone possible all while keeping the noise floor incredibly low. Hand matched NOS Germanium clipping diodes are at the heart of this Mjolnir pedal. With the gain set low it is pure clean boost with just the right amount of compression. As the gain is increased, it’s become the aggressive mid-heavy tone you come to expect from this style stomp box.

Like other versions of the Mjolnir, this pedal is designed to take your existing rig and give you more of it. The perfect compliment for any guitar players setup.

The Wildwood Edition Mjolnir features:

  • Classic Gain, Treble, and Volume controls
  • Hand matched NOS Germanium Clipping Diodes
  • Full size through hole components
  • Buffered Bypass Operation
  • Top Mount Jacks
  • Standard +9V DC operation (internally pumped to 18 volts)
  • Hand wired and Assembled in Nashville,TN

Watch the company's video demos:

The Wildwood Edition Mjolnir pedal has a street price of $249.00. They will be available for purchase exclusively from Wildwood Guitars.

For more information:
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