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Notes on the fretboard correspond to letters on a keyboard.

Physicist/inventor/tinkerer David Neevel (of Oreo separator machine fame) has unveiled designs for an Adruino-powered guitar that converts notes to corresponding letters on a keyboard using a Roland GK pickup system and GR-33. Though the idea of shredding your way through an important memo seems rather inefficient, the technical expertise to make it happen is completely real, and Neevel shares how to do it yourself, if so inclined, on his blog.

Watch the video:


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Created in collaboration with legendary guitarist George Lynch of Dokken and Lynch Mob fame, the Mr.Scary Mod adds an adjustable tube gain stage and an onboard Deep control, which together are designed to enable an amp to have increased sustain while still retaining note definition and dynamics.

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October Audio has miniaturized their NVMBR Gain pedal to create two mini versions of this beautifully organic-sounding circuit – including an always-on gain device.

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