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New Germanium Fuzz V2 From Buffalo FX

New Germanium Fuzz V2 From Buffalo FX

Buffalo FX have updated their Germanium Fuzz pedal.

Toulouse, France (July 29, 2013) -- The V2 follows on from the ltd edition 2012 Germanium Fuzz and once again delivers the classic germanium fuzz tones we love from the late 60’s and 70’s.

“The response to the V1 was great, everyone loved it” says Steve, “After they all went I was getting emails asking if I could build some more so I started looking for transistors that would work well and finally settled on the Texas 2N404’s. They have great clean-up, and plenty of punch, ideal for stage use. There are a lot of ‘warm’ fuzz’s around but they get lost in the mix easily, the V2 cuts through more”

Featuring external bias and pre-gain controls, the Germanium Fuzz V2 offers greater versatility allowing easier integration with your guitar and amplifier. Modern features include super bright low current LED and 9v centre negative power socket.  Top mount jacks save pedal board real estate while a side access battery compartment prevents hunting for screwdrivers.

Each pedal is powder coated, screen printed and hand wired by Steve using the highest quality materials and components.


  • NOS Texas Instrument  2N404 Transistors
  • Fuzz, Level, Pregain & Bias
  • True Bypass
  • Top mounted Jacks
  • High quality components, neutrik jacks, vishay caps in signal path, screened cabling for low noise operation.
  • Side mounted battery compartment
  • Low current ultrabrite Led
  • Dimensions: L114.4 x W63.7 x H55.1mm
  • 2 year guarantee

The germanium Fuzz V2 is available only at for 150.00 euros + shipping.

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NOS Texas Instrument  2N404 Transistors