Daredevil Releases the Aces Hybrid Amplifier Pedal

Inspired by vintage RCA data sheets from the 1950’s, this is a 2-stage gain circuit utilizing NOS Germanium and modern day silicon transistors.

These hand-wired pedals crank out the vintage warmth and sustain of Germanium along with a biting upper midrange that screams Rock n Roll. A single knob controls output, and true bypass switching makes it great for stacking with other effects.


  • Hybrid circuit with NOS germanium & silicon transistors
  • Warm vintage feel and harmonic sustain, with dynamic touch response
  • Great for stacking with other effects, very reactive to volume roll-off
  • 2-year warranty, all hand wired, with true bypass
  • 9-volt DC using external power supply – no battery

Daredevil ACES Hybrid Amplifier pedal demo

The ACES Hybrid Amplifier pedal carries a U.S. MAP price of $169. For more information, please visit daredevilpedals.com.

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