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Fender Launches the Rumble 800 Amp

Fender Launches the Rumble 800 Amp

Fender’s refreshed Rumble 800 Combo brings a lightweight bass amp designed for any stage or studio, and a range of new accessories.

The Rumble 800 Combo features impressive headroom and punch from its dual 10” Eminence neodymium speakers and compression horn. This class-D amplifier has everything that Fenderbass amps are famous for - and more. With versatile 3-button voicing, a dynamic overdrive circuit, and output power attenuation for smaller gigs and practice, the Rumble 800 Combo delivers stunning power and sonic versatility for any style of music.

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Fender Rumble 800 2x10" 800-watt Bass Combo Amp

  • Produces 800 watts of power for exceptional headroom and thump
  • Dual 10-inch Eminence neodymium speakers provide strong projection to the back of the venue
  • 3 amp voicings let you choose between Bright, Contour, and Vintage character
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