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Mattoverse Electronics Releases the Solar Sound Desktop

Mattoverse Electronics Releases the Solar Sound Desktop

Consisting of a simple transistor-based gain circuit that has been finely tuned to take full advantage of the low current and voltage provided by the solar panel, it's designed to provide everything from starved and choked gain tones, to light overdrive, and smooth distortion depending on light level.

The Solar Sound pedal has been redesigned as a smaller and more affordable desktop device. It is a solar-powered saturator for distorting guitar, bass, synths, and drum machines.


  • It was designed for and works best when powered from a natural light source, through a window or outdoors.
  • Clear acrylic top plate with a walnut plywood bottom plate.
  • Hardwire true bypass with controls for voltage (gain) and volume.

Meet the Solar Sound Desktop Saturator - Mattoverse Electronics

The Solar Sound Desktop has a $79 Street Price and is available in limited quantities directly from Mattoverse Electronics.

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