Nu-X Announces the Loop Core Deluxe

The pedal features frequency compensation, 24-bit recording, switchable buffer bypass/true bypass modes, and cab simulation.

Shenzhen, China (July 25, 2017) -- Nu-X announces new 24-bit looper pedal, Loop Core Deluxe.

Loop Core Deluxe is a looper pedal with extraordinary features, such as frequency compensation, 24-bit recording, switchable buffer bypass/true bypass and cab simulation output. It provides additional connection ways to split your phrase signal and built-in drum signal.

You can record up to 8 hours with unlimited layers in 24-bit studio quality. It has 99 phrase memories to save your tracks and you can switch between phrases during the play with zero latency. “To Amp” output and “To Mixer” outputs provide different connection methods for your needs.

You can send the guitar and drum signals through “To Amp” output to connect an amplifier or “To Mixer” output to a line mixer or you can use both outputs at the same time to split the guitar and drum signals through different outputs for additional connections. You can make a bundle Loop Core Deluxe with NMP-2 footswitch controller to switch between phrases with no latency. (Play as a one man band)

Bundle set will be available in all markets with $149 price.


  • 24-bit studio quality recording
  • Up to 8 hours recording with unlimited overdub layers
  • 40 sets of sampling drum sounds (30 styles for 4/4 beats and 10 for 3/4 beats)
  • Change recorded track’s speed without any pitch shift
  • Switchable cab simulation output(To Mixer) and drum signal compensation out(To Amp)
  • Switchable Buffer / True bypass to get best signal chain

For more information:
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