Nu-X Introduces the Lacerate FET Boost

A mini booster pedal designed for boosting your signal in a few different ways.

Shenzhen, China (September 22, 2017) -- Nux announces the Lacerate FET Boost.

The Lacerate FET Boost is a mini booster pedal designed for boosting up the signals in different ways. Besides boosting your guitar volume in a clean way, you can also boost your gain and adjust the signal level separately.

The pedal comes with two boost modes: Clean and Crank. In Clean mode, the pedal boosts the signal and allows to increase the volume without any sound colorization. When you need to boost your volume level to play a solo part, simply activate the pedal and it will increase the signal. To use Crank mode, hold the switch for one second and gain signal will be cranked up then you can adjust output level as you want.

The unit price will be $54.99 (MAB)


  • True Bypass / Buffer Bypass
  • Clean Boost / Crank
  • Independent Volume Level
  • Increased Headroom

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