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Oddfellow Effects Introduces the Bishop

Oddfellow Effects Introduces the Bishop

Oddfellow Effects and Scotty Smith from ProAnalog Devices have been collaborating on this one for the better part of the year.

Riverside, CA (December 8, 2015) -- Oddfellow Effects, a company known for bringing some of the finest effects to the boutique world, releases their latest masterpiece: The Bishop.

The Bishop is Oddfellow’s first single-stage overdrive, offering players the same high quality of sound and superior dynamics that they are known for at a price point that is more affordable to players all over the world. This medium-gain drive serves as a great do-it-all gain box. Anything from a light “amp-pushing” boost to full-on, chunky drive can come out of this device. The guys at Oddfellow Effects, along with Scotty Smith from ProAnalog devices have been collaborating on this one for the better part of the year, going back and forth on different designs to bring one of the best sounding and feeling dirt pedals to the market. To top it off, The Bishop features an internal switch that allows the user to choose between “true bypass” or “buffered bypass” switching, as well as the ability to run on different voltages, allowing more tonal options. But you can never go wrong with the standard 9 volt setup.


  • Wide range of tone-shaping options
  • Incredible amount of headroom on tap
  • Ability to switch between “true bypass” or “buffered bypass”
  • Ability to run on 9 volts, 18 volts, or anything in-between
  • 9v battery or AC adapter compatibility
  • High end, brand name components
  • Made in California, USA
  • High quality, durable powder coat finish

$164 street

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