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It's Time for Week #2 - I Love Pedals Giveaway!

It's Time for Week #2 - I Love Pedals Giveaway!

You could win one of SEVEN pedals from CIOKS, Ibanez, Keeley Electronics, LR Baggs, Source Audio or Wampler Pedals in this I Love Pedals Giveaway!

Source Audio Zio Analog Front End + Boost Pedal

The goal in creating the ZIO Analog Front End + Boost was simple yet ambitious: “Make Everything Sound Better!” ZIO is an all-analog preamp/boost pedal that includes a choice of four distinct preamp circuits, each with up to +20dB of additional output boost. ZIO is Source Audio’s first all-analog effects pedal and designed in collaboration with Christopher Venter, the owner and sole engineer at SHOE Pedals.

ZIO is a deceptively flexible unit that can serve many different purposes at various places in your signal path. Use it at the front of your chain of effects to shape the rest of your outgoing tone, after your drive pedals as an overall tone sweetener or clean volume boost, or at the the end of your pedalboard to drive a long cable run or as a restorative device to recreate the sound of your guitar going directly into the input of your amplifier. You can also use the ZIO in your amp's effects loop if you want to drive your power amp even harder, or to compensate for a level mismatch between two channels.

Source Audio

Ibanez Petatone Preamp

Extraordinary tone shaping control, dynamic arrays of distortion, and exceptional amounts of EQ are all laid out at your feet. The Pentatone preamp from Ibanez affords the perfect blend of features all wrapped up in an intuitive, all-analog platform. This preamp brings together five individual tone shaping sections in the form of a pre-boost, distortion with two-band EQ, a noise gate, 5-band parametric EQ, and post-boost. The pedal also includes a bright switch, which enhances treble response by boosting the high-frequency range. The two integrated footswitches control the preamp bypass and post-boost functions while adding an Ibanez IFS2L external foot-switch enhances the player’s control even further by also making the pre-boost and 5-band parametric EQ foot-switchable. From simple tone shaping to crunchy overdrive and even the most crushing distortion, the Pentatone preamp covers it all.

•Controls: PRE BOOST, GAIN, BASS, TREBLE, LEVEL, 5-band parametric EQ frequencies, 5- band parametric EQ levels, POST BOOST, Noise GATE

•Switches: PRE BOOST on/off, BRIGHT on/off, 5-band parametric EQ on/off, Noise GATE on/off, BYPASS foot-switch, POST BOOST on/off foot-switch


•Size: 146(W) x 128(D) x 59(H) (mm)

•Size: 5.8(W) x 5.0 (D) x 2.3 (H) (inch)

•Weight: 1.0kg, 2.2lb

•Required Current: 110mA@9

•Power Supply: One 9V battery (006P) or external AC adapter


CIOKS SOL Pedal Power Supply

The Heart and SOL of Your Pedalboard

SOL is the ultimate solution for bringing life to a small to medium-sized pedalboard setup, especially if you are using power-hungry pedals. SOL is the smallest mains-powered switch-mode power supply we make at CIOKS (no wall-warts here) and the no-frills design plus massive power will leave you free to focus on your creative spark.

Featuring the same 660mA at 9V DC per outlet and four switchable voltages on each outlet as its bigger brother CIOKS DC7, SOL is the most powerful small form-factor power supply available today with a total of 30 watts of DC power available.


Wampler Triumph Overdrive Pedal

The Triumph is a versatile overdrive based around two of Brian’s all-time favorite overdrives. In typical Wampler fashion, additional EQ stages have been added that allow a variety of different tones as well as internal circuit changes that add polished glassy overtones. In Smooth mode, the Triumph delivers a progressive gain structure with an unmistakable gritty presence and classic mid-hump profile. In Punch mode, Triumph adds more open tonality, less compression and is more touch sensitive, providing detailed note articulation


Wampler Phenom Distortion Pedal

The Phenom Distortion is a dynamic distortion pedal which uses JFET based clipping instead of Op-amp and Diode based clipping and is loosely based on the legendary “5150” style tones. The fets are driven much in the same way that tubes can be cranked to overdrive an Amplifier into a distorted sound courtesy of a unique Brian Wampler circuit design. The Phenom offers a range of tones from a deep, punchy rhythm sound to an ultra-responsive lead tone perfect for soaring solos and crisp harmonics. It has a flexible voicing switch that selects either bright or classic modes, independent gain and volume controls, and a powerful 3-band EQ.


Keeley Halo Andy Timmons Dual Echo Pedal

The Halo is a powerful dual stomp box that offers 5 delay modes that can be paired to work in
tandem, including Andy Timmons’ highly-revered ‘Halo” sound! The HALO features on-board tap
tempo, infinite hold, expression input control, user storable presets, and much more.


LR Baggs Align Reverb Acoustic Reverb Pedal

The Align Reverb was built from the ground up to complement the natural body dynamics and warmth of acoustic instruments that we love so much. The circuit seamlessly integrates the wet and dry signals with the effect in side chain so that it never overwhelms the original signal. We shaped the reverb with analog EQ to reflect the natural voice inherent in acoustic instruments. Additionally, the tone control adds versatility by sweeping from warm and muted to open and present. The result is an organic reverb that maintains the audiophile purity of the original signal with the controls set in any position.

LR Baggs