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Stompbox Summer Giveaway | Week #2

Stompbox Summer Giveaway | Week #2

Week #2 is here! You could win pedals from Electro-Harmonix, Ibanez, Xotic Effects, Summer School Electronics, Flamma Innovation, or Peterson Tuners!

Electro-Harmonix Hell Melter Distortion Pedal

With its take on the cult-classic, chainsaw distortion pedal, the EHX Hell Melter takes distortion to its extremes. The Hell Melter features expanded controls and tonal capabilities, allowing the already in-your-face sound of the pedal to broaden by switching to more open clipping options and boosting the internal voltage for increased headroom, less compression, and more attack.

Originally designed as the ultimate in high-gain tone, this world-famous distortion circuit is known for the death metal sounds of Sweden’s Entombed and the shoegaze wash of My Bloody Valentine. It’s even found a home in the rig of David Gilmour!

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Ibanez Pentatone Preamp and Equalizer Pedal

Extraordinary tone shaping control, dynamic arrays of distortion, and exceptional amounts of EQ are all laid out at your feet. The Pentatone preamp from Ibanez affords the perfect blend of features all wrapped up in an intuitive, all-analog platform. This preamp combines five individual tone shaping sections: a pre-boost, distortion with two-band EQ, a noise gate, 5-band parametric EQ, and post-boost. The pedal also includes a bright switch, which enhances treble response by boosting the high-frequency range. The two integrated footswitches control the preamp bypass and post-boost functions while adding an Ibanez IFS2L external foot-switch enhances the player’s control even further by also making the pre-boost and 5-band parametric EQ foot-switchable. From simple tone shaping to crunchy overdrive and even the most crushing distortion, the Pentatone preamp covers it all.

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Xotic BB Preamp v 1.5 Pedal

For almost 20 years, the original BB Pre pedal has been the overdrive of choice for profession and working musicians around world. The BB Pre Version 1.5 is an updated version with the exact same tone shaping components as the original. This pedal is outstanding for getting thick and creamy overdrive tones with great sustain and also excellent for pushing the clean front end of an already driven amp with up to 30+dB of boost. The BB Pre Version 1.5 adds an updated case, 9vdc located at the top of the pedal and able to run 9 to 18 volts dc.

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Summer School Electronics Science Fair

The Science Fair is a unique overdrive/distortion from Summer School Electronics that allows you to blend 2 classic overdrive flavors into a unique sound. The left side of the pedal, with black knobs, is referred to as the Lab Rat. A hard-clipping crispy distortion. The right side with the green knobs is called the Test Tube soft clipping mid-range overdrive with a mid-hump boost. The 2 sides are run in parallel with individual drive and tone knobs, and the center silver knob column features a master blend and volume.

By completely turning the blend to the left or right the user can use Summer School Electronics’ versions of these classic circuits. But the Science fair really comes alive by turning blending the 2 pedals and adjusting the individual drive and tone knobs. This allows the Science Fair to give aggressive distortion while maintaining the clarity of the notes, or a softer attack with a hint of grit to pop through the mix. The Science Fair allows the user to find their signature sound, while also being a unique pedal that can provide a variety of options in recording and live applications. The Science Fair runs on a standard 9-volt, neg. center power supply, and has a lifetime warranty. Hand built in Syracuse, NY by working musicians with attention to detail.

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Summer School Electronics

FLAMMA Innovation FS02 Reverb

This compact reverb pedal crams seven distinct digital reverb effects in to a sturdy, metal shell and several control features. The various reverb effects aim to simulate different environments from a small room to large, open cave. More niche effects are also included such as studio-style plate reverb, classic spring reverb effect, and the more far-out modulation reverb effect. Each effect can be modified with the Hi-Cut, Lo-Cut, Decay, and Pre-Delay knobs and then saved to their own save slot. An effect trail feature can be toggled on and off to have each effect fade out naturally after being switched off.

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FLAMMA Innovation

Peterson StroboStomp Mini Pedal Tuner

The StroboStomp Mini™ delivers the unmatched 0.1 cent tuning accuracy of all authentic Peterson Strobe Tuners in a mini pedal tuner format. We designed StroboStomp Mini around the most requested features from our customers: a mini form factor, and top-mounted jacks.

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