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10 Chorus Pedals That’ll Add Space to Your Sound

Various Chorus Pedals

Take your tone for a dip in the sonic deep end with our list of chorus stomps that range from simple analog offerings to heavy-hitting digital units.

From the Pretenders to the Cure to Nirvana, chorus pedals are a classic modulation device. Here are 10 pedals that will convince you that space is the place!


CH-1 Stereo Super Chorus Pedal

One of the most classic chorus options around, this recognizable stomp is easy to use for mono or stereo effects.

$119 street


3 Series Chorus

Part of the company’s utilitarian 3 Series, this simple stomp offers three controls—volume, rate, and depth—plus a vibe switch that removes the dry signal.

$99 street


Ola dBucket Chorus and Vibrato

This feature-full pedal includes chorus and vibrato tones based upon the company’s dBucket DSP algorithm, with stereo ins and outs.

$299 street


Dyno My Roto

The graphics say it all! This standard-sized stomp promises ’80s rackmount tri-stereo chorus tones, plus rotary simulator and rotoflange.

$169 street


Small Clone

Another classic choice, and this analog chorus is about as simple as it gets—with one knob and a depth switch, you’ll spend your time playing, not tweaking.

$85 street


June-60 V2

Based on the Roland Juno-60, this affordable BBD chorus features two preset modes and mono or stereo options, plus a classic aesthetic.

$59 street


Julia V2

This simple-but-feature-rich analog chorus/vibrato features selectable wave shapes, a lag control that sets the center delay, plus a dry/chorus/vibrato blend knob.

$219 street



Conjure rackmount tri-stereo chorus and vintage-style stomp tones via three independent chorus voices, three chorus types, presets, and much more.

$249 street


Swim Team

Two selectable DSP programs offer chorus or flange settings with a simple control set and graphics that evoke your favorite ’90s chorus user … oh well, whatever, nevermind.

$159 street

M234 Analog Chorus

This all-analog BBD chorus features low- and high-cut knobs and stereo functionality.

$129 street