PRS Unveils the  S2 Vela Satin

The S2 Vela Satin from PRS Guitars is a vintage-inspired guitar with loads of personality and tonal textures.

Stevensville, MD (January 5, 2017) -- The S2 Vela Satin from PRS Guitars is a vintage-inspired guitar with loads of personality and tonal textures. Continuing in the style of the Mira and Starla models, the Vela boasts an offset body shape that is both elegant and edgy. The addition of a satin nitro finish for this limited edition gives the Vela added attitude, resonance, and a truly addictive feel.

The S2 Vela’s pickguard-loaded electronics feature a PRS-designed Starla pickup in the bridge, providing a bright, punky tone, and the PRS-designed Type-D single-coil in the neck that gives it some noteworthy bite. The coil-tap on the tone control allows the bridge pickup to split to singlecoils, providing a balanced tone that will cut through the mix with style. Anchoring this guitar is the PRS plate-style bridge with two saddles that were designed to compensate for intonation. This bridge harkens back to Paul’s early designs and traditional bass plate-style bridges, but is top-loading for easy restringing. Like the bridge found on Paul’s Guitar and some Private Stock models, PRS’s new plate-style bridge features brass saddles and an aluminum plate for maximum tonal sustain.

“The S2 Vela is hands down one of my favorite guitars of all time. Everything about it...the body shape, the bridge design, the pickup configuration...was carefully spec’d to fit the vibe we were going for. The satin nitro finish and tortoise shell guards on these limited edition models take it to the next level. Good luck resisting this beastly delight.,” said Jim Cullen, PRS Guitars Director of Sales.

There is no limit to the number of S2 Vela Satin Limited’s that will be made, but they can only be ordered between January 3, 2017 and February 28, 2017.

The excitement around the S2 series not only stems from the models it offers but from the very diverse group of artists who have embraced the series since its introduction in 2013. From punk to funk, S2 Series Artists include Jana Hunter and Walker Teret from Lower Dens, Marissa Nadler, Geoff Wigington from Waterparks, Jack Fowler from Sleeping with Sirens, Sam Harris from X Ambassadors, Louie Malpeli from This is All Now, Dave Knudson from Minus the Bear, and Vernon Reid from Living Colour and many more.

To explore the S2 Series and to see the new S2 Vela Satin Limited, along with the standard gloss and metallic finish offerings, please visit

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