Railhammer Announces the Reeves Gabrels Signature Pickup

Gabrels was looking for a sound that drives hard and cuts through the mix.

Toledo, OH (November 6, 2017) -- One of the things that make Reeves Gabrels rank among the world’s best guitar players is that he never stops exploring his tone. He’s been a Railhammer Pickups endorser for many years -- using a variety of the models in his signature Reverend Guitars. Recently, Gabrels began looking for a sound that was a little more distinct. Something that drives hard and cuts through the mix like a hot knife, even with the heavy overdrive that he’s fond of.

The Railhammer Reeves Gabrels Pickups were born. Each pickups’ alnico 5 magnet gives it a warm and lightly compressed sound. The bridge pickup has an overwound coil for extra sustain, massive tone, and a slight “cocked wah pedal” feel. The neck pickup has a broad tonal palette that complements the bridge pickup, with a warm and open tone like an intensified vintage PAF. Either one can easily be paired with any Railhammer in the line.

Rails under the wound strings, and poles under the plain strings for tighter lows, fatter highs, and perfect tonal balance. Clarity is increased, but the tone is never sterile. Railhammers have the rich, organic tone that only a passive design can deliver. Please visit www.railhammer.com for more information.

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