Red Rooster Guitars Launches Rat Rodster and Crop Circle
Crop Circle #4

West Coast-based Red Rooster Guitars’ new retro-inspired Rat Rodster and Crop Circle models tap into the fashion and excitement of vintage cars and rock & roll.

Los Angeles, CA (January 12, 2013) -- Guitar players craving sublime musical inspiration that is worthy of their time and talent, can now explore the bold new line of retro cool-inspired guitars from custom guitar maker Red Rooster Guitars.

Red Rooster Guitars’ new models – dubbed the “Rat Rodster” and the “Crop Circle,” respectively – have been painstakingly designed to reflect a unique look and fashion that comes with the musician wanting to stand out on stage visually as well as sonically.

Each precision-crafted guitar is made from quality materials, beautiful finishes, necks with rolled edges, and tips the scales at a surprisingly light 7lbs. The articulation of each note and fidelity from the custom guitar pickups that Jason Lollar makes are the choice red rooster guitars use to compliment the tone of the wood, while the hand-crafted bodies are custom banded with recessed polished metal are the signature look of Red Rooster Guitars. Players will also appreciate the precision fit and finish of the guitars, in fact they will feel the resonation and hear them ring without being plugged in.

Rounding out the uniqueness of Red Rooster Guitars’ custom guitars include vintage style kluson staggerd machine heads, CTS pots, CRL switches ,hand polished metals, compensated brass bridge saddles and fast great-feeling V-C shape necks with medium jumbo frets that have been leveled and polished to a silky-smooth finish.

“The sound, playability and look of these custom guitars set them on the level of any stage on any concert tour anywhere in the world,” commented Michael Margolis owner of Red Rooster Guitars, and a player for more than 40 years. “I know from personal experience that guitar players are always searching for the next guitar purchase to inspire them, and ignite their passion. The new retro cool-inspired Rat Rodster and the Crop Circle models promise to do exactly that.”

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