See the stripped-down rig Vaughan uses to get his Texas blues-rock tones.

We caught up with Jimmie Vaughan's guitar tech, Mark Weber, to check out Vaughan's simple-yet-effective setup. Watch him take us through the rig in detail:


Vaughan travels with two MIM Jimmie Vaughan Signature Strats relic'd to look like his original guitar he played in the Thunderbirds. The guitars are stock with a V-shaped neck and Fender's Tex Mex pickups and strung up with custom gauged flatwound strings starting at 10.5 up to 50 or 52. Vaughan uses a Schubb capo so that when he plays a song in a different key, he can use fingerings from more familiar keys. For picks, he uses hotel room keys cut into different shapes.


Vaughan runs dual Grammatico Kingsville amps tweaked to his desired sound. They are run simultaneously with slightly different settings based on the room into a Voodoo Lab Amp Selector. His only pedal is a stock Boss Tremolo pedal used for "Scratch My Back."

The PGV expands the capabilities of traditional vocoders by analysis of the guitar signal that controls the voice synthesis.

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Matt Bellamy designs his own signature Manson Guitar Works instruments and took ownership of the company when Hugh Manson retired in 2019.

Photo by Debi Del Grande

Muse returns to self-producing on Will of the People, an album teeming with formidable anthems that navigate themes of fear, politics, dystopia, compliance, corruption, and other topics concerning the world order.

Decked out in black ninja-like uniforms with mosaic mirrored masks obscuring their faces, Muse opens their current shows with the powerful, sing-along chant of “Will of the People,” the anthemic title track off their latest album. From that song’s infectious shuffle until the very end of the concert’s encore, people are jumping out of their seats, and appear to be completely mesmerized.

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Nicole Atkins and PG editors share favorite memories from the last concert they attended. Plus, current obsessions!

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