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Riversong Guitars Unveils Wooden Guitar Picks

Riversong Guitars Unveils Wooden Guitar Picks

The picks are created with domestic and accessible woods.

Kamloops, British Columbia (November 5, 2014) -- Riversong Guitars presents their worldwide patent-pending Hi-Tech Wooden Guitar Picks. Five years of research and development produced a hi-tech multi-ply guitar pick giving the tonal and “wear in” benefits of wood. Wooden picks have many different tones depending on the orientation of the edge and the wood grain itself. The fibretone between the wood layers gives a warm attack and excellent flexibility. Maple, Chillakwian Maple and Walnut – all domestic and accessible woods - are used to create these three-ply picks.

Key components supporting the structure of the pick are grain orientation, glue, glue substrate and wood types. As the pick “wears in” to your playing style the layers create a soft surface in contrast to the hard new edge. The natural grip of the wood accompanied by the maple leaf stops the pick from spinning and absorbs moisture away from the player’s hand. Choose from 3, Original - 1mm, Jazz Pick/speed - 2mm and Thick/power – 1.5mm. Made in Canada, a plethora of technology went into designing the Riversong Guitar pick. Let’s be clear, this isn’t your daddy’s stamped out picks. If you’re done with your wood shoes and bread bag tags…Riversong picks are for you. The most cutting edge pick in the music industry today.

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