Rivet Pickups Introduces the ‘63 and ‘64

These humbucker-sized pickups have dedicated mini-coils that can boost tone with more bass volume and bass harmonics, or refocus mids and highs.

Nashville, TN (March 27, 2017) -- Rivet Pickups, a manufacturer of premium guitar pickups, announces that their evolutionary Rivet ‘63 and Rivet ‘64 model pickups are now available from their webstore in the wake of their successful Kickstarter campaign.

The Rivet ‘63 and Rivet ‘64 are humbucker-sized pickups having dedicated mini-coils that can boost tone with more bass volume and bass harmonics, or refocus mids and highs to harvest a guitar’s cutting attack. Because the mini-coils sit beneath just certain groups of strings, they can strongly enhance the presence of those strings within the overall blend of tone.

“People like them because they can definitely hear the difference, kind of like the way woofers and tweeters enhance the sound of an old Beatles record,” says Rivet Pickups designer David Petschulat. “These pickups grab tone from your guitar in a very vintage sort of way, but stack that tone into new blends that are remarkable.”

“Imagine a stinging Strat tone or snarling Tele tone - mashed up with a solid foundation of bass that responds very naturally to the style of your picking and strumming,” Petschulat continues. “Or flip your toggle switch and go from a Fender single-coil sound to a P90 tone on your mids and highs while staying twangy on the bottom. You just can’t do such things with all 6-pole pickups. And of course we have ‘full-tilt mode’ that’s all-out humbucker: soaring crunch with lots of compression and staccato-pumping on the lows and mids, and a dark brassy polish that blooms in the mids and highs.”

Rivet installation and wiring is made easy by the included Connector Card, which controls coil-routings and allows solderless attachment of all necessary wires. Also included is a Rivet push-pull pot for a little extra control. With nothing more than one toggle switch and one push-pull knob, players can quickly shift thru six distinctive tones of varying coil combinations. Additionally, the details of the wiring reside on a modular card that can easily changed. If a hot new wiring comes out, it can be swapped in to effectively rewire the whole guitar in a matter of seconds.

Petschulat, famed builder of Eddie Van Halen's "Little Guitars", as well as guitars for Heart, Steve Morse, Jackson Browne, and many others, designed these pickups for players looking to refine their guitar tone with rich stacks of harmonics, resounding bass, and nuanced control of attack, while never straying too far from the basics of traditional tone.

Rivet Pickups are already catching on quickly with pros like Foreigner, Modest Mouse, Everclear, Earth, and other world-class acts.

Rivet Pickups are hand made in the USA and are now available through the RivetPickups.com web store.

Price: $189 (single) / $329 (pair)

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