Rockn Stompn Introduces New Sequential Power Supply

Rockn Stompn has created a sequential power supply aimed specifically at guitarists.

Atlanta, GA (July 16, 2013) -- Musicians no longer need to worry about damaging their instruments, their gear, or their backs thanks to a brand new innovation in the world of musical gear. Created by local musician Kimball Magee, the Rockn Stompn model RS–4 foot-activated sequential power strip is designed to automatically power up or down an individual musician's set of equipment in the proper sequence, every time, with the simple tap of a foot.

The Rockn Stompn sequential power strip is the absolute first of its kind. Previously, pro audio power sequencers were rack mounted and limited to large professional audio performances. The Rockn Stompn RS-4 is transportable and can be used anywhere—onstage, in the studio, or in the home for the low price of $379. Intertek listed the Rockn Stompn powerstrip conforms to UL Standard UL1363 and UL1449-3, provides 1935 joules of surge protection, includes EMI/RFI noise filtering, and over voltage over current protection. Rockn Stompn model RS-4 is a user adjustable 4-step 0-15 second delay for both on delay and off delay sequences ensuring your equipment will perform better and last longer.

The Rockn Stompn power strip is the result of decades of engineering and manufacturing knowledge, and four years of intense research and development in a collaboration between engineers and musicians to produce the ultimate power strip for musicians.

With a fully welded stainless steel enclosure, every component is of the highest quality available, and, if available, American-made. This unsurpassed quality allows the Rockn Stompn to come with a lifetime warranty.

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