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Schecter Amplification Unveils Hellraiser USA 2x12 Combo and Head

Schecter Amplification Unveils Hellraiser USA 2x12 Combo and Head

The Hellraiser amps include normal and active input configuration for different pickup setups.

Sun Valley, CA (January 16, 2014) -- Schecter Guitar Research is proud to boast its Hellraiser USA 100 head and Hellraiser USA 100 2x 12 combo (joining the Hellwin USA 100 head) as part of the company’s amplification division – Schecter Amplification – which will be showcased in their expanded display area of Room 210-D at the 2014 Winter NAMM Conference.

The Hellraiser 100’s unique features include: A “focus” control that works as a “global tweak” for the amp’s input frequency response in order to custom tailor the low frequency response for different styles of guitars. In addition, both amps feature “Normal” and “Active” Input Configuration, unlike many amps which simply reduce the input signal to compensate for an active pickup. This configuration activates circuit changes in the amp that compensate for active pickups’ usual lack of low-end extension and high frequency sparkle roll-off. The Hellraiser 100 USA head and Hellraiser USA 2x12 combo, with their rich bloodlines, are destined to be rock classics.

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