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Schroeder Amplification Announces Online Auction to Benefit Chicago's Haymarket Recovery Center

Schroeder Amplification Announces Online Auction to Benefit Chicago's Haymarket Recovery Center

The seven-day online auction will begin on October 17th, 2016 and will be hosted on

Northfield, IL (October 14, 2016) -- Schroeder Amplification today announced its role as a key organizer and supporter of the upcoming benefit auction for Haymarket Center, a recovery facility in Chicago, IL. The seven-day online auction will begin on October 17th, 2016 and will be hosted on, the online marketplace for buying and selling musical instruments and gear.

Schroeder will donate the first two prototypes of the as-yet-unreleased Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) Ramjet Preamp, a dedicated high-end guitar preamp designed to deliver a wide range of clean to overdriven tones in the studio or on stage.

The mission of Haymarket Center is to aid people with chemical dependency in their recovery by providing professional care. Founded in 1975, Haymarket is the largest not-for-profit community-based adult detoxification, residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment facility in Chicago.

"For many years I've wanted to do more to help better the lives of those struggling to overcome alcohol and drug abuse," said Tim Schroeder, president of Schroeder Amplification. "I'm proud that this dream is finally going to become a reality thanks to the help of Haymarket Center, and the participation of Jeff Tweedy."

Tweedy added, "Tim's gear has been a constant for Wilco on stage and in the studio for years, and this new preamp is a fun and useful recording tool. I'm very happy to be a part of this effort to help the auction raise money for such a good cause."

The Jeff Tweedy Ramjet Preamp is designed to provide some of the guitar tones that Tweedy used throughout Wilco's Star Wars album, achieved in part by overdriving the recording studio's mixing console. The Ramjet (street price around $2,000) embodies Schroeder's design philosophy of combining traditional guitar amplifier circuit design with audiophile-grade internal parts usually found only in high-end audio components. This enables the Ramjet to deliver wide frequency response and dynamic range and go from pristine clarity to richly saturated, harmonically complex overdrive and massive distortion. The two Ramjet Preamps will be signed by Jeff Tweedy and Tim Schroeder. For more details on the preamp please visit

"At, we live to help musicians find that perfect piece of gear to make their music. We're thrilled that this auction will give music lovers the chance to get their hands on a unique, new preamp while also benefiting a great cause," said David Kalt, CEO and Founder of

"As the largest residential drug and alcohol treatment provider in Chicago, serving over 16,000 men and women each year, we continue to be strained in our providing services that are in need more now than ever," said Ray Soucek, CEO of Haymarket Center. "Due to the State of Illinois not funding these services at the level of need, we are so grateful for Tim Schroeder's help and support. Having someone show generosity in this way not only helps raise resources, but also brings attention to the need."

The auction will begin on Monday, October 17th at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time and end on Sunday, October 22 at 12:00 pm EST. In addition to the two Schroeder/Jeff Tweedy preamps, other auction items will include a pair of Audience ClairAudient 1+1-V2+ high-end loudspeakers, a vintage VOX AC50 Mk III amplifier and assorted vintage guitars. All items will be offered with a starting bid of $1.00 and no reserve. The auction will be open to bidders in both the U.S. and internationally. Payment will be accepted via PayPal, etc. The Schroeder/Tweedy Ramjet Preamps will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Jeff Tweedy Preamp Features and Specifications

Tube Complement:

  • (2) 12AX7, (1) 6V6. Each tube has been selected by ear for its individual position in each prototype
  • 1/4-inch guitar input
  • "More" knob (volume/overdrive amount)
  • Standby switch
  • Pilot lamp
  • On/off switch

Back Panel:

  • IEC AC power cord receptacle with fuse tray
  • 8-ohm speaker out
  • Speaker/internal load switch: this allows the user to use the speaker out instead of just the internal load for additional recording capabilities or when using the preamp as a 4-watt amplifier.
  • Bright switch (for the DI out)
  • Level Out control (for the DI out)
  • DI out via 1/4-inch TS jack

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