Schroeder Amplification Reissues the Blister Agent

An extremely hi-fi, limited-edition distortion.

Northfield, IL (June 9, 2017) -- "As many of my long time clients know, I make a batch of 25 of these distortion units every 7 years or so (mainly because it takes me six years to forget just how much work goes into every aspect). Each unit has two breadboards. Every component is hand laid and soldered using silver bearing solder. No PCB traces here; all leg to leg construction. Even the specific LEDs make a difference in both sound and feel. Not to mention, of course, the resistors, caps, internal wiring, voltages etc. Endless hours of R&D are completed before every batch, based on which components are currently available." - Tim Schroeder

Due to multiple unit orders from bands who tour and/or have rigs in multiple countries, our original run of 25 grew to 50. We currently have 12 Blister Agents left for sale. Email us to place a deposit on one of the remaining builds.


  • Foot switches- on/off, boost, Q filter
  • Pots- Volume, Distortion amount, Q Filter frequency
  • Mini Toggle (Sag Control): Mushy/ Fast/ Asymmetrical wave
  • Back mounted Input, Output, and 9VDC Tip negative jacks

For more information:
Schroeder Amplification, Inc.

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