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Scott Walker Guitars Unveils the Katana

Scott Walker Guitars Unveils the Katana

The Damascus steel tailpiece and pickguard give it a musically unique sound.

Santa Cruz, CA (February 29, 2016) -- Adding to the companies well established line of boutique guitars, Scott Walker has unveiled a new guitar, The Katana. At the heart of the guitar is a Japanese style neck joint. The one piece neck features a complex joint that puzzles into a matching pocket in the guitars body. This unique feature allows the neck to be machined and “extruded” from a single billet of wood. With no interruption of glue or screws the neck transfers out directional tone into the body, giving the player a more interactive playing experience. Sustain, clarity and full timbre tones are characteristics that dominate the experience.

The archtop-style bridge matches with the neck angle and geometry of the guitar, given the player plenty of real-estate to really dig in to the strings. This really gives the player an unconscious freedom and expression with the right hand. The Damascus steel tailpiece and pick guard give it a solid, “tuning fork” musical quality that really is unique to this guitar.

The Katana is a result of years of setting dovetail necks and joints, meditating on a new way to bring the “Acoustic” approach into the world of the Electric guitar.

$6500 direct

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