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Seymour Duncan Announces Slash 2.0 Pickups

Seymour Duncan Announces Slash 2.0 Pickups

The Slash 2.0 set is based off his signature APH-2 pickups.

Slash’s signature humbucker set has been loved by fans and the 6-string king himself for over a decade. Since then, Slash has found a need for a hotter version of his pickups in live applications over the course of multiple world tours with Guns N’ Roses and Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. When working on this new wind with Seymour Duncan, Slash’s goal for the team was to deliver the "same tonality, same great clarity...but hotter" than his APH-2s. The Slash 2.0 Set is based off his signature APH-2 pickups, now with a hotter wind that provides the familiar sound Slash loves while pushing his amps with the perfect balance of volume, drive, and compression.

Slash remarks, “The Slash 2.0 is basically the same as my Alnico Pro II, same tonality, same great clarity. But it's hotter. I've found on occasion that I needed a louder pickup for certain live applications. Only without changing the tone or adding distortion. I asked Seymour if he could make a version of my pickup just a wee bit louder & he did just that. Same tone, just louder.”


Neck 8.80
Bridge 9.38
Cable Type: 1C Braided Shield
Type: Passive
Magnet Type:
A2 –Rough Cast

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