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SIB Unveils the Charger

SIB Unveils the Charger

A fully-functional amp housed inside a pedal.

San Diego, CA (March 8, 2016) -- – Keeping with their tradition of creating high quality boutique effects pedals, SIB has unveiled a new, full-featured guitar amplifier that is small enough to fit on a pedal board, but loud enough to drive a 4x12 cabinet with up to 50 watts of power.

The SIB Charger is a fully functional guitar amp head in pedal size, and was designed to have the features of a high-power, fully functional guitar amplifier in a rugged and compact format:


  • Full Preamp tuned for guitar
  • Hands-on control with knobs for volume, bass, treble, and master volume
  • Power section will deliver anywhere from 20 watts to 50 watts, depending on speaker configuration
  • Designed to work great with effects
  • Rugged, all steel chassis design

$199 street

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