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Sitek Electronics Releases the Wuffy Distortion

Sitek Electronics Releases the Wuffy Distortion

A high-gain distortion pedal featuring a totally analog circuit.

Gdynia, Poland (September 10, 2019) -- Sitek Guitar Electronics has just released a new distortion pedal. Wuffy is a high-gain distortion pedal offering a rich harmonic content, long and creamy sustain, and tones ranging from wooly and dark lows to crispy and piercing highs with an additional option to control mids.

It's great for thicker saturated riffs as well as cutting solos. With Wuffy you can go anywhere from tamed, mild distortion to more aggressive tones crossing the borderline of distortion and fuzz.

It's a 100-percent discrete analog circuit designed on four carefully selected gain stages with high quality components reducing circuit noise. Thanks to low current consumption (4mA @ 9VDC) it can be powered either by external 9V DC adapter or 9V battery.

Wuffy Distortion offers the following features:

  • 100 percent discrete analog circuit
  • Four carefully designed gain stages
  • 5 controls: Level, Drive, Scoop, Tone and a Switch disconnecting the clipping diods
  • DeMont Smooth-Click footswitch
  • Powder coated enclosure to withstand tough stage conditions
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • True Bypass
  • Power supply 9V DC or standard 9V battery

Wuffy Distortion is available to purchase on or directly from the Sitek Guitar Electronics website at and carry a price of $165.

For more information:
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