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Sitek Guitar Electronics Unveils the Fuzzie Germanium Fuzz V2

Sitek Guitar Electronics Unveils the Fuzzie Germanium Fuzz V2

Updates include a "texture" knob, improved output, and refined low-end EQ.

Gdynia, Poland (November 30, 2020) -- Sitek Guitar Electronics take their Fuzzie Germanium Fuzz pedal to the next level with this V2 update. This guitar pedal offers a wide range of dirty tones – from mild distortion to dynamic fuzz, rich in harmonics and sustain. Fuzzie has the classic vibe and warmth of saturated Germanium transistors, and a clever modern design allowing her to be placed either before or after the buffer pedal without losing it’s full, dynamic sound.

With Fuzzie Fuzz V2 you get the added 4th 'Texture' mini-knob which goes smoother as you dial it up and more textured CCW. Comparing to v1, the output level has been significantly improved. Fuzzie was optimised for extra smooth violin fuzz tones. It’s signature feature is also a distinct low-end accent frequency profile. The update was also highlighted by the new Champagne Sparkle enclosure finish.


  • 4 simple controls: Level, Fuzz, Texture and Bias
  • 100% discrete analog signal path designed with a combination of New Old Stock Germanium transistors and JFET buffer
  • Impedance matching circuit for flexible position in the chain
  • Powder coated enclosure
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • True Bypass
  • Power supply 9V DC or 9V battery
  • Compact footprint

Fuzzie Fuzz v2 is available to purchase on or directly from the Sitek Guitar Electronics website at and carry a price of $165.

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