Skreddy Pedals Announces the Kusanagi

Patterned after the synthy, frizzy fuzz tones that Jimmy Page used in the Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin.

Roseville, CA (June 11, 2015) -- Always a huge fan of Led Zeppelin, Skreddy creator, Marc Ahlfs, has built his share of historically-accurate Tone Bender clones using rare old Mullard transistors. But not having a steady supply of those antique parts and wanting to make the transition to modern, negative-ground power, Marc designed his own new version. The Skreddy Pedals Kusanagi has that special magic and occupies a rightful place in the Tone Bender pantheon. His new fuzz uses many of the same high-voltage part types you'll find in a historic specimen, including big axial capacitors and 1/2 Watt carbon composition resistors, and houses them in a big box (Hammond 1590BB) using a PCB layout that was inspired by the design of the 1960's perfboard units.

The Kusanagi represents a sort of departure for Skreddy Pedals; most of their fuzzes are highly refined and modernized—this one is raw and adheres to its primitive ancestral roots.


  • Patterned after Jimmy Page's sustaining, synthy, frizzy fuzz tones from the late Yardbirds and early Led Zeppelin.
  • Works great with both single-coil and humbucking pickups.
  • Adjustable Gate control lets you dial in the optimal response, from smoother fuzz that cleans up with the guitar volume to nastier fuzz that goes silent when you aren't playing.
  • True bypass switching (of course).
  • Green LED indicator.
  • Negative-ground power with DC adapter jack and 9v battery clip.
  • All top-mounted jacks.
  • Great looking translucent gold powdercoat finish with durable silkscreen graphics.

Introductory price is $249.

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