Soul Tramp Amplification Unleashes the Havoc

The Havoc features cascading gain stages that can move the tone from crystal clean to insane high-gain.

Gray, ME (May 20, 2016) -- Soul Tramp Amplification introduces the Havoc, its flagship amplifier. At 150 watts with four KT88 power tubes, the Havoc produces massive headroom and is designed as a large-stage pedal platform. A two-button, channel-jumping footswitch engages cascading gain stages that take the Havoc from clean to insane high-gain.

The clean channel features sparkling articulation, room-filling note bloom, and rich harmonics. All reminiscent of the large PA amps used by guitarists during the golden age of rock. The Soul channel delivers high-gain overdrive that retains articulation and note separation.

High plate & screen voltages energize the ultra-linear power amp to produce in-your-face presence. The variable slope control allows you to lower or elevate the mid-point operating frequency of the entire T/M/B tone stack.

The extremely flexible FX loop can be toggled between parallel and serial modes, as well as bypassed (removed entirely from the signal path). Level and Mix controls let you dial in the saturation you desire from your pedals or rack.

The Havoc features Mercury Magnetics transformers, EV speakers, and hand-wired glass-epoxy turret boards.


  • 150 Watts
  • Four KT88 power tubes
  • Ultra-Linear
  • Fixed Bias
  • Diode Rectified
  • FX Loop
  • 2x12 Combo Cabinet
  • EVM-12L Zakk Wylde Signature Speakers

$3,550 Street

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