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Source Audio Unveils the Nemesis Delay

12 delays, MIDI, expression control, and more!

Boston, MA (January 26, 2015) -- The Nemesis packs 12 superb delays including sparkling digital delay, warm and vibrant analog delay, amazingly realistic tape effects, as well as wildly animated reverse, octave, and modulating effects. There are 4 user presets, stereo ins and outs, tap tempo, 5-pin MIDI in, MIDI thru, and expression control.

Out of the box the Nemesis is incredibly easy to use, but don't let its straight forward control panel fool you - this pedal has a massive range. However, if you want to dig deeper, connect the Nemesis to the free Neuro Effects Editor software or mobile app and enter a world of additional parameters and possibilities - a tweaker's paradise. Create your perfect delay then save it to your personal library, upload it to your pedal and even share it with anybody else in the Neuro/Nemesis community.

Watch the company's video demo:

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