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Spector Guitars Releases the Kenmare

The guitar is loaded with Lollar Imperial humbuckers and Gotoh tuners.

Woodstock, NY (September 18, 2015) -- Long before Columbus discovered America, giant redwood trees were growing in northern California. These same old growth trees were cut down in the early 20th century and the timbers made their way to the rooftops of New York City as lumber used to build water tanks. During their next 70 (or more) years these tanks were witness to the phenomenal growth of one of America's great cities and the development of blues, jazz, country music and their bastard child, rock and roll.

New York’s pure mountain water filled these tanks and permeated the wood, washing out any residual resin from the cells of the wood thereby improving the resonance of the material after drying. Now this wood is ready to help create probably the most unique guitars ever offered to musicians in the US. Carefully crafted in the Spector workshop near Woodstock NY, the Kenmare semi-hollow body guitar's top is carved inside and out to a shape that evokes the timeless traditions of New York's music scene. The natural color of redwood and amazingly warm yet articulated sound born out of this ancient wood amplify this triumph of craftsmanship and elegance.

$4299 MSRP

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